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Why pick Wifag-Polytype Print Machines?

All of their machines are of high precision and perfectly engineered to perfection. If you do decide to buy one of their machines, know that you are in good company as they serve top-end markets with the highest performance requirements. Not only that but they provide cost-effective solutions all over the world.


Wifag Polytype Machines: A Short History

Wifag Polytype

Wifag Polytype

In 1904 in Bern, Switzerland WINKLER, FALLERT & Co was founded. They started off as a traditional offset web press manufacturer and later changed their name to Wifag Maschinenfabrik AG. At the beginning of the 21st century, Wifag was hit really hard by the structural crisis in the printing press industry. Almost sinking the fledgling company, but their luck turned around and somehow they survived.

Now calling themselves Wifag-Polytype Holding AG in 2007, they now manufacture different types of machines for the production of metal packaging, plastic cup printing, and high-end plant engineering for the production of multilayer films and papers. They also manufacture printing presses and large format digital presses.

Wifag-Polytype is present almost worldwide, but its main base is in Fribourg, Switzerland with locations in Mahwah, New Jersey; Jarfalla and Kalmar, Sweden; Hamburg, Pfinztal, and Malsch, Germany; Fribourg and Pfyn, Switzerland; Seriate, Italy; Chachoengsao, Thailand; and Cotia, Brazil.



Wifag Polytype: Manufacturing and Printing Equipments

Metal Packaging:

You know those aluminum aerosol cans? Or any other aluminum or metal-based tube like bottles and glasses? Well, these are the machines that create them.

Polytype manufactures efficient turnkey lines for the production of aluminum and steel packaging. They also manufacture machines to print, trim and shape steel packaging.


Polytype Machine Metal Packaging

Polytype Machine Metal Packaging


Plastic Containers:

You probably touched a plastic cup with a logo printed on it a lot of times in your life. Most likely if probably came from one of Polytypes cup printing machines.

Innovative and efficient, these are the types of words that come to mind in all of Polytype cup printing machines. All of Polytypes machines are user-friendly, high performance and has significantly low downtimes.


Polytype Plastic Cup Printing Machine

Polytype Plastic Cup Printing Machine


Plastic & Laminates Tubes:

Polytype also creates machines that print decorations on tubes, like the ones used in toothpaste. These machines are flexible and modular created specifically for cylindrical and oval plastic tubes.


Polytype Machine Plastic Laminates Tubes

Polytype Machine Plastic Laminates Tubes


Polytype also has Printing Press and Digital Printing solutions. They do after sales service and retrofits for your newspaper machines. Safe to say they cover a lot of industrial printing equipment.


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