Your Kase Equipment is the most important machine in your printing business, doesn’t it deserve the very best care that you can provide? Well, we got you covered, PALi Global is here to service and maintain your Kase Cup Printing Machine. Our people are highly efficient and professional and have years of experience in servicing all types of cup printing machines.

Kase Printing Machine: Developing Printing Equipment Since 1963

Kase Printing Machine

Kase Printing Machine

Kase Equipment Corporation has been designing and manufacturing decorating equipment for plastic cups, lids, pails, tubes, and closures since 1963 and is considered a leader in the industry.

Kase  has continued to evolve and grow to expand its product line with innovation and the high demands of their customers’ expectations.

Did you know that Kase was the first to develop and manufacture a dry-offset printer for 5-gallon pails in the world? Not only that, but Kase was also the first to develop equipment that could print oval, square and rectangular pails. With these remarkable creations, the world of dry-offset printing for plastic containers has been changed forever.

Additionally, they have developed some of the first technologies for caps, tubes and cup printing. Kase reputation for designing machinery for the most challenging plastic containers is second to none.

While Kase  achievements in the dry-offset world are amazing, they also offer a full line of decorating equipment for pad printers, thermal label transfers, digital printing, and even silkscreen systems. It is safe to say that Kase can do it all.


You really can’t go wrong with Kase Print Machines.

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience and improving the dry-offset printer world has made Kase a household name. Kase Equipment understands your printing needs and requirements. All Kase print machines are engineered for the most demanding production line volume, vibrant colors, all printed at record-breaking speeds. Chances are if you ever held a printed plastic cup, it probably was printed on a Kase machine.

If you are looking for a new printing machine to add to your existing line-up or to replace your old print machine, why not try Kase Equipment? Kase print machines are rigid and heavy duty machines with state of the art features for quick set-ups and high-speed production. They also have the necessary options you need for in-feeding systems, pretreatment, curing, restacking and faster changeovers. Kase Equipment: Whatever Shape You’re Dealing With, We’ll Find A Quick Way To Print It!