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Save time & money with Pali Global’s Longer Lasting Disposable Print Rollers!

Key Features

We have rollers for the following print machine brands:

  • Omso Machines
  • Van Dam Machine

  • Kase Equipment
  • Polytype

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What Makes Our Rollers Better?

  • Ready To Use – No need to purchase bearings, no need to install bearings, PALi Global has done it for you. Our print rollers come with bearings preinstalled to save you time and money.
  • Roller Life Span – Our rollers just last longer, which saves you money. As a result of our superior rubber compound, exception cores, improved bearings, and professional bearing installation customers find they save money by changing rollers less frequently than other brands.
  • Exceptional Cores – Our cores are fabricated to our drawings that are sized and toleranced to the OEM drawings. Other roller companies manufacture cores to customer samples which in the best case can be at either end of the allowable tolerances for that part and worse case the cores are worn and not an accurate basis to manufacture to.
  • Improved Bearings – Our bearing fits are sized to the bearing journals or bearing bores per the bearing manufacturers recommendations to maximize bearing life.
  • Superior Rubber Compound – Our rubber compound is specifically formulated for the dry offset printing process. The rubber compound is formulated to be stable in the presence of the specific inks and wash down chemicals used in the dry offset printing process. Key to roller performance is managing rubber shrinkage and or swelling as well as heat management inherent in the printing process. Slight variations in some of the components of the rubber compound can significantly affect the ability of the roller to remain stable in the presence of chemicals and run cooler. Both of which lead to longer roller life.
  • Precision Ground – PALi Global’s Rollers are precision ground to attain the best possible dimensions and concentricity. This allows the printer to easily set up the rollers on press and eliminate unnecessary and constant adjustment once the rollers are on press. Keeping tight tolerances allows the roller to be easily striped. By holding tight tolerances the interface between the rollers is kept at the desired pressure eliminating premature wear.

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