UV Lamp for Printing Machine

UV Lamp for Printing Machine

As part of our continued efforts to better serve our customers, PALi Global, Experts in Dry Offset Print Machines, now offers UV lamps, power supplies, reflectors, and accessories! We also offer UV LED Systems and UV system upgrades for your cup printing machines. What better way for you current machine to exceed your production goals than with an upgrade from PALi Global!

UV lamps – production losses due to unreliable UV lamps can be very annoying and not to mention very expensive. Our UV lamps are of the highest quality, lasts longer, is always at optimal performance. We have UV lamps for every imaginable UV system.

Power Supplies – Our power supplies are developed to be energy and cost efficient in the operation of all types of UV lamps.

UV LED Systems –  Our LED systems has a highly modular design and can be customized down to the smallest detail, depending on the UV curing process and the installation requirements.

Reflectors, quartz plates and accessories – If you are looking for UV related accessories, we have those too! All are made of high quality materials and built to last. For more information, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you.