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Why Van Dam Print Machines?

You must be asking yourselves, “Why would I choose Van Dam?” the simple answer is “They are good at what they do, and they do Print Machines really well”

Now we know a lot of you will not be convinced with an answer that simple. If you want to learn more about why you should get a Van Dam Machine, read more below.


Van Dam Machine: Print Lifelike Colors.

Van Dam Cup Printing Machine

Van Dam Cup Printing Machine

Van Dam Machines is one of the world’s most reliable and leading supplier of high-quality printing equipment. Van Dam is synonymous with high-end dry offset printing machines and IDF printing machines. Founded in 1962 by Albert van Dam. The company originally was a manufacturer of machines for printing of balloons. Fast forward decades later, they are now one of the leading sources for dry offset printing machines. They have become so good in fact, that they developed a new decoration technology. Combining Dry Offset and Flexo, they created what is known to this day as In-Direct Flexo or IDF. It has the high-speed printing of Dry Offset and combines it with the high-quality printing of Flexo. This new technology offers easy operations, high quality and consistent decoration and unlimited design possibilities! All this innovation is thanks to the customers. By listening to them, Van Dam Machine created this amazing technology that results in higher production output with the best printing quality.

With Van Dam’s tenacity and reliability, they ensure their continued growth and maintain their position as a world-class and innovative company. Van Dam, printing lifelike colors for more than 5 decades.


Van Dam Machine Innovations

In-Direct Flexo

Just what is In-Direct Flexo? It is the best of both worlds. The high speed of Dry Offset printing and the consistent high print quality of Flexo. Van Dam has developed this technology with the customer in mind. Making sure that you get a higher production output with the finest printing quality.

How does In-Direct Flexo work?

Each color can be placed over each other without drying, in layman’s term wet on wet. Using inks with different tacks, the image of the built-up colors goes from the blanket to the product. With the use of  7 process colors, the full-color spectrum can be achieved. It also enables a fast change-over to another design without the need to clean or to change the color heads.

What about the Print Quality?

Printing quality is now controlled by the anilox roller, this means that quality of the image is now dictated by prepress and not by the skill of the operator. Whatever it is that is on the prepress proof is exactly what you are going to get.

With IDF you can be rest assured that you will get consistent quality decorations, ease of operation and unlimited design possibilities.

In-Direct Flexo Benefits:

  • Image quality dictated by the prepress
  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • 7 Color process
  • Wet on wet printing
  • Quick change-over
  • Guaranteed color consistency with Anilox roller
  • Competitive cost versus dry offset
  • High-speed printing
  • Glass effect with spot varnish
  • Spot background color

Dry Offset

Van Dam Machines has perfected the dry offset printing process. It used to be that Dry offset printing is a process by which the ink is transferred to a metal-backed photopolymer relief plate before being transferred to the substrate. BUT Van Dam has improved on this by letting the ink print DIRECTLY onto the product itself, making the use of a substrate not necessary.

Most of Van Dam printing machines use digital laser plates, which allow for greater detail and sharpness of the print. Their print machines are also highly stable, designed to absorb the negative effects of vibration which in turn helps with the accuracy of repeatable print settings.

Van Dam Print Machines also have highly accurate punching tools that give registration a perfect alignment each time. And with FLT or Fuzzy Logic Technology you can be assured that the quality is reproducible.

If you are looking for high-quality print solutions, consider Van Dam.

Van Dam Print Machines is one of the most innovative print solutions out there today. With its wide variety of print machines to accommodate your unique business. We can guarantee that they can fulfill you and the needs of your customers.