The upgrade that pays for itself, the more you use it, the more it pays.

Who is this system for?

The PALi Global Dust Collection System is for dry offset print machines which utilize UV curing systems with ozone vacuum systems. It creates a vacuum around the print area of the offset utilizing the vacuum of your existing ozone collection system. No additional filters to change, no additional maintenance, service, or training required just set it up and forget about it. This dust collection system will work on machines by Van Dam Machine, CAI Machine, Polytype, Kase Equipment and OMSO, but may work on machines by other manufacturers as well.

The system will help with dust from all normally printed materials, but really shines when running PLA or any really dusty material. As you know or will soon know, PLA is becoming commonplace worldwide and the dust it generates creates an unfriendly environment for both the machine and it’s operator.

The most obvious change you will see

The most obvious change you will see after implementing a PALi Global Dust Collection System will be a decrease in the number of blankets used and the increased cleanliness of the machine area. What will not be so obvious at first will be the increased life span of internal machine parts, shafts, seals, and bearings which dust and specifically PLA dust grinds away at.

If you are running PLA it will reduce the number of  blanket changes by up to 1 per day when running PLA or other dusty materials. If you are using standard materials it will extend your time between blanket changes by up to 30%.