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Combining innovative technology, reliability and complemented by the most user-friendly operation. Polytype’s cup printing machines are all modular in design, which gives it a lot of room for expansion, a feature that our customers appreciate. Polytype Cup Printing Machine: Expertise and wisdom combined with world renowned Swiss quality.

Part of the Swiss wifag//polytype group, Polytype operates all over the world with branches in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, USA, Thailand, China and India. This collaboration gives access to a wide array of technology and guarantees a global partnership ensuring your success.

Polytype BDM Cup Printing Machines : high-performance dry offset plastic cup printing machines.

Outstanding print quality, short change-over time and has significantly low downtimes, Polytype BDM machines are highly efficient and reliable cup printing machines that are excellent for your thriving cup printing business.

Exceptional engineering and exquisite Swiss craftsmanship of Wifag//Polytype never fails to amaze and intimidate our competitors, while leaving our customers ecstatic and proud to own such an amazing and versatile cup printing machine.

The uncompromising build quality of Polytype’s BDM machines make them a worthy investment. You will get decades of use from them, ensuring your business stays profitable. Choose Polytype to shape your future, today.

All of Polytype print machines have these excellent features:

High Power UV Curing:

High powered UV ink curing on the mandrels for instantaneous VOC free drying. Good for both the environment and the machine operator.

Outstanding Print Quality

Wear resistant printing/inking units with fast-fit and leak-free ink fountain system, optional cooling and agitators are designed for the highest demands and guarantee excellent print quality.

User Friendly

The user friendly colour touch screen user interface and intelligent single operator layout of the machine ensure easy access and operator safety. All process functions can be made while the machine is running.

Progressive Adjustable Ink Metering System

A perfectly controlled ink flow provides consistent and excellent half tone/full tone print quality which is easily controlled via the control panel.


Quick-lock printing plate cylinders equipped with dial gauges and register micro-settings for fast job repeats. Quick change mandrels guarantee very short change-over times.

Polytype BDM 482

The 6-8 color cup printing system, type BDM 482, is a proven concept. The basic printing unit and transfer section are made of a robust steel construction. The pre-treatment and the UV-Mandrel curing are integrated in the basic machine concept. The standard cup infeed and discharge automation round off the system.

Technical data:

  •  Min./max. cup height: 35 – 160 mm
  •  Min./max. rim diameter: 60 – 160 mm
  •  Max. printing width: 145mm
  •  Max. printing length  6/3 sections: 362/502 mm
  •  Min. / max. taper: 2-10°
  •  Max. printing speed: 27,000 / h
  •  Weight of main machine: ~5,000 kg 

Standard options: 

  • Layout with in-feed elevator
  • Second application roller for inking unit
  • Analog display of the printing unit angle position
  • Pre-print system for transparent cups

Polytype BDM 681/682

The high performance 6-8 cup printing system, type BDM 681/682 for round cups. The basic printing unit and transfer section are made of a robust steel construction. The pre-treatment and the UV-Mandrel curing are integrated in the basic machine concept. The newly designed cup in-feed and discharge automation round off the system.

The main characteristics of BDM 681/682 printing technology are the very high efficiency, the outstanding print quality, the short change-over time as well as the excellent accessibility and ergonomics (one operator layout).

Technical data:

  •  Min./max. cup height: 35 -200 mm
  •  Min./max. rim diameter: 60 – 185 mm
  •  Min./max. taper: 2 – 15°
  •  Max. print height: 145 mm
  •  Max. print length: (6 sections) 273/345 mm
  •  Max. print length: (3 sections) 418/502 mm
  •  Max. printing speed: 650 cups/min
  •  Weight of main machine: 6,500 kg

Standard features & options:

  • Package for FAST CHANGE-OVER
  • Pre-print system complete
  • Positioning device for two compartment container or with lips
  • Exchange print unit
  • Inline bottom labeling


  • Very high productivity and quick set-up time
  • Easy access and operator safety
  • Very user-friendly and easy to operate

Polytype BDM 930

The high performance 6-8 cup printing system, type BDM 930 for round bucket. The basic printing unit and transfer section are made of a robust steel construction. The pre-treatment and the UV-Mandrel curing are integrated in the basic machine concept. The flexible feeding system opens the possibility to print on different products.

Technical data:

  • Min./max. height: 75 -300 mm
  • Min./max. rim diameter: 50 – 300 mm
  • Min./max. taper: 2 – 10°
  • Max. print height: 200 (260) mm
  • Max. print length: 800 mm
  • Max. printing speed: 300 cups/min

Polytype BDM 301-R6/R9

If you are looking for a printing system for square cups with maximum production efficiency, then Polytype BDM 301-R6/R9 is the machine for you. The system ensures high throughput, extremely fast changeover times and outstanding print quality. It is the ideal machine for your requirements.

Rounding off round designs – your motif on any shape.

Available in a range of configurations, Polytype BDM 301 can help optimize production workflows and area usage.

The dry offset cup printing system Polytype BDM 301 for square or oval containers is available with 6, 7 or 8 inking units. The machine is connected to an automatic elevator system that transports the cups to the transfer system. From here, the rectangular, oval and/or flat containers are fed into the printing machine.

The pre-treatment system ensures optimum surface tension across the container (including the bottom) and can be printed with up to 4 colors. The machine software precisely tracks the position of each container within the print process through to the horizontal or vertical stacker. Polytype BDM 301 is well-established on the market and stands for outstanding print performance, reliability and low maintenance outlay. The machine has recently been enhanced with additional functions, such as automatic washing and a kit for fast changeovers so customers can achieve even higher production efficiency.

Technical data BDM 301-R

  • Min./max. cup height: 30-125 mm
  • Min. cup rim dimensions: 60 x 85 mm
  • Max. cup rim dimensions: 135 x 180 mm
  • Max. print height: 145 mm
  • Max. print length: 417-520 mm
  • Min./max. taper: 2-10°
  • Max. printing speed up to (pcs/h): 9’000/h
  • Weight of main machine:
  • 6 colors ~ 6’000 kg

Polytype BDM 611

Technical data:

  • Model: BDM 611
  • Year: 1999
  • Colours: 8
  • Maximum output/hour: 38000
  • Minimum cup diameter: 60 mm
  • Maximum cup diameter: 150 mm
  • Minimum cup height: 35 mm
  • Maximum cup height: 160 mm

Polytype BDM 350

Technical data:

  • Model: BDM 350
  • Year: 1999 
  • Colours: 6
  • Maximum output/hour: 21000
  • Minimum cup diameter: 55mm
  • Maximum cup diameter: 130 mm
  • Minimum cup height: 35 mm
  • Maximum cup height: 115 mm

Polytype BDM 400

Technical data:

  • Model: BDM 400
  • Year: 1992
  • Colours: 6
  • Maximum output/hour: 24000
  • Minimum diameter: 70
  • Maximum diameter: 130
  • Minimum height: 35
  • Maximum height: 130

For servicing your Polytype BDM machines, look no further than PALi Global. Our people are highly trained and experienced in tackling any problem that may befall your cup printing machine. Not only do we fix your current machine, we also provide spare parts, upgrades and maintenance for it. If you want to talk to an expert or you just have questions regarding our products and services, give us a call at (631) 977-7620, we’ll be happy to assist you.